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eeColor 3D LUT Box - Front

The eeColor 3D LUT Box works with true 3D LUT's of 65-Point Cube Size (274.625 Color Points) for precise display calibration when used in conjunction with LightSpace / CalMAN / ArgyllCMS / DisplayCAL (dispcalGUI).

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3D LUT profiling/calibration of your display will definitely take the home theater experience to a new level by making your picture look more three-dimensional and lifelike.

eeColor 3D LUT Box - Front

The eeColor 3D LUT Box capability for storing 3D Look-Up-Tables also allows for calibration of displays that are not additive and color independent with any complex color interaction throughout the full color volume. This allows for the color calibration of displays with less sophisticated light and electronic control and guarantees that all colors are accurate.

eeColor 3D LUT Box - Back

The eeColor 3D LUT Box is a HDMI 1.3 input/output device, ideal for use with any form of display that uses HDMI (or DVI-D - requires adapter) connections, making it perfect for home theater operations where precise color management is required.

The eeColor 3D LUT Box has internal HDMI chips, memory, a microprocessor and a high speed FPGA on a custom board.

The input HDMI chips decrypt and recrypt the signal controlled by the microprocessor to ensure HDMI handshaking.

The audio and input resolution and bits/color are preserved with no perceivable time delay.

The decrypted RGB video is processed by the FPGA up to 1080P, 60 frames/sec and 12 bits per color channel (36-bit).

The eeColor 3D LUT Box also features a high efficiency cooling system with low system acoustic noise level 18+/-2 dBA.

The eeColor 3D LUT Box features 16-bit internal signal processing and 6 memory slots (selectable via the infrared remote control) for 65-Point Cube 3D-LUT Tables (274.625 Color Points) with 10-bit color depth per color channel (30-bit) for color management (10-bit 3D-LUT Table Color Depth per color channel).

When you are using LightSpace or ArgyllCMS software, these 3D color tables can be downloaded via a USB 2.0 link using the TruVue eeColor Application Software that comes with the eeColor 3D LUT Box.

If you are using CalMAN software, 3D LUT's are loaded directly to the eeColor LUT Box with no need to use the TruVue eeColor Application software.

The eeColor 3D LUT Box is plug-and-play and It comes with all the necessary cables to plug in-line between any HDMI source and a television or projector.

It takes a few minutes to install. It is also quite small and can be placed out of view if required.

Once installed and powered on, the eeColor 3D LUT Box is automatically inline, intercepting the HDMI signal and implementing the 3D LUT table color correction processing.

eeColor 3D LUT Box - Remote

The eeColor 3D LUT Box is controlled by a remote control with buttons specifically designed for the 3D LUT table control. There is also a LUT bypass mode for straight through content viewing with no LUT processing. This allows for easy push-button Customer demonstrations by swapping with/without eeColor 3D LUT table color correction.

eeColor 3D LUT Box - LCD Display

The eeColor 3D LUT Box has an LED display panel located on the front side and shows which of the 6 3D LUT color correction tables are in use or if bypass is selected. It also shows via a blinking light that the HDMI intercept is active.

The chosen 3D LUT table name is displayed on the television or projector screen for a few seconds in the bottom right corner. These On Screen Display names can be customized and you can make your own personalized OSD's. The customer can check or set the active 3D LUT table they want quickly and easily.

Front panel LED display panel which indicates the active 3D LUT table number / HDMI connection can be turned off from the wireless remote control.

The eeColor 3D LUT Box includes a 12V DC Universal Power Supply, capable of working world wide (100V-240V / 50-60Hz).

The Power Supply comes with the default US 2-Pin Plug. You have to add an adapter to convert it to 2-Pin UK/EU/AU Plug.

There is a Power ON/OFF switch located on the back side of the LUT Box.

You can use eeColor 3D LUT Box to perform Large 3D Cube Calibrations with LightSpace Full CMS / HCC / HCL / HTL / HTP / CAL / LTE / PRO / XTP, CalMAN 5 Enthusiast / Professional / Studio / Ultimate or ArgyllCMS / DisplayCAL (dispcalGUI).