Initial display setup patterns required to prepare your display before the 3D LUT Profiling or the 1D LUT Calibration.
Set your Brightness & Contrast to prevent crushing of shadow details or clipping; use Sharpness Pattern to prevent edge enhancement.

Check your display's controls / various mode settings before the your 1D LUT Calibration or your 3D LUT Profiling to find their safe working range.
Find out which controls of your display are not introducing problems or if they are broken and you have to leave them untouched to prevent problems.
Verify the performance of your generated 3D LUT's after profiling or check your 1D Calibration Performance to find problems that dE Charts can't show.
Look for smooth color graduations, distortions, discoloration, clipping, banding, posterization, crushed shadow details, raised black levels.

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